Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fight sedentary life in four steps

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The post's title is intentional. Sedentary life is a vicious enemy of our health and must be fought. Many times we have discussed about nutrition and that it's more important, however it's not enough by itself. The following program assumes a normal work schedule (9:00 - 17:00).

1. Before work
Wake up half an hour earlier and go for a run or fast walk. 20 minutes are sufficient. While you are away, you can have some water heated (if that's an issue for you), so you can shower the minute you get back, have breakfast, and then leave for work. You will not believe the difference in your mood and energy.

2. After lunch
Don't rush back to your office. Don't waste time talking with coworkers at the table, either. Stand up and go for a quick walk. Whatever you do is good (for example, walk two times around the block), and 20 minutes are more than enough in this case too. You will again notice immediate difference in how you feel, and you will fight sleepiness very efficiently.

3. After work
Rest for as long as you can (the best you can do is sleep for an hour or so) and then put in a full hour of intense activity. The best choice is the gym, but feel free to do whatever you fancy (dancing, martial arts, bicycle, swimming, running etc).

4. After dinner / just before sleep
Go for one more short walk. The best thing you can do at this time is a casual stroll.

All other pieces of advice (park your car away, take the stairs etc) continue to be useful, but if you commit in doing these four steps, you will be on your way. Good luck!

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