Friday, May 6, 2011

Does sugar cause cancer?

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I am reading this article by Gary Taubes on sugar. In there, you will also find a lecture by Robert Lustig which has made some noise recently. Previously, I have blogged about this subject, too.

The new aspect is the following: sugar might cause cancer. To be more precise: insulin (which is stimulated by sugar) might nourish the tumours. This is the issue that has drawn the attention of the global nutrition society.

Of course, I can't tell if such a claim is true or not. I can say however that it sounds logical to me, because insulin's role is exactly this: to nourish tissue (muscle and fat).

But this is where the problem lies. You can't say that "I am cutting back on sugar and all carbs to stop insulin, and thus I will avoid cancer" because in this way you will stop the nutrition to your muscles too (and to your adipose tissue, but this is something you want, I suspect).

So, what should you do?

Bodybuilders are doing it for a long time: try to stimulate insulin (by consuming carbs) when your muscles need glycogen. That means certainly after weight training, and possibly in breakfast (if you are trying to put on muscle mass). As a result, carbs will go exactly where they should.

Other than that, it goes without saying that you should prefer good carbs: fruit, vegetables, honey, lactose (in milk), some potatoes, a little rice. Complex carbs (whole-grain) are not necessarily good. Generally, you should avoid processed carbs (flour-based products). This also holds true for sugar and sweets, of course.

Doing that, you reduce cancer's odds and simultaneously burn fat. What else could you ask for?

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