Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The real secret of success

Frequently you will hear that the best way to achieve your goals (either body-related or not) is to have a strong willpower and discipline. We first decide clearly what we want, then we formulate a plan, and finally we just make ourselves follow it.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. In theory, the above approach seems perfect. However, even if you belong in the elite group having willpower of steel, it will fade out sooner or later.

In reality, there are two ways to safeguard your efforts:
1. You should have strong personal reasons for achieving your goal - or even better, you must need it. Your goal should be something you can't live without.
2. You have to realise by yourself what's true and right to do, and based on that, make permanent changes.

The first point is exactly why people with not too many extra pounds are never able to lose them: they can't find reasons powerful enough to justify the required sacrifices. In such cases, the only solution is to utilise the second way.

Which, in other words is the following: forget about temporary fast "fixes" (diets) and focus instead on principles. For example, if you get convinced (with your own research and logic) that carbs offer nothing to your health and make you put weight, then you might finally decide to never eat them again. If you understand that everyday movement is natural and essential to your body, you might be able to put it in your schedule.

And by so doing, you will start enjoying results that no diet and no amount of discipline will ever give you.

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