Friday, March 11, 2011

Natural fat burners

In the tough battle against bodyfat, it is not a bad idea to utilise every available tool. So here is an updated list of natural substances that, according to latest research, help in fat loss.

1. Caffeine: an old friend of ours with a proven track record. However, keep in mind that normal coffee might not contain enough caffeine. If you don't get results, try a caffeine supplement.
2. Cinnamon: improves insulin sensitivity and regulates blood sugar, thus playing an important role in fat loss.
3. Green tea: contains catechins (mainly EGCG) which possess antioxidant properties as well as fatburning ones.
4. Capsaicin: it's the substance that makes red peppers spicy. Recent research is very encouraging regarding its effectiveness.
5. Garlic: either way it is very healthy, but it will likely help you burn fat too.

If you would like to add supplements, I recommend the following:
1. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA)
2. Tyrosine
3. Carnitine

Good luck!

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