Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to train in cold weather

It’s snowing in Greece so it’s a good time to discuss training under these conditions. Unfortunately, a lot of people use low temperatures as an excuse to cancel workouts. However, this mentality will not help you reach your goals. So here is some advice on how to train safely in the cold:

1. Dress up
Your clothes should be warm and comfortable (don’t wear a coat). You shouldn’t forget your gloves and anti-slippery shoes.

2. Warm up
Perform a light activity while still indoors (like jumping rope or jacks), followed by extensive stretching. When you finally commence your actual training, start slowly and increase intensity gradually.

3. Drink more water
Cold weather will mask the feeling of thirst and this might fool you. Dehydration is your enemy.

4. Go to the gym
One of the strongest benefits of the gym is that you can use it no matter the weather. Take advantage of that.

5. Combine vitamin C with glutamine
We all know that vitamin C helps fight the cold. However, combining it with glutamine (an essential amino acid) makes it more effective and improves recuperation.

6. Watch this video:

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