Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to drive calories to the right place

The Holy Grail of bodybuilding (and fitness) is to lose fat and build muscle. Generally speaking, we do the former with diet and cardio, and the latter with diet and weights.

Unfortunately, the storage mechanisms of the body are complicated. We can never be sure where the food will be stored, especially if this food is not of the highest quality.

Today though, I have the solution for you! And it's quite simple.

Before every meal, perform 2-3 minutes of light exercise for the major muscle groups. This way you will activate the special receptors on these muscles, and the food will be stored there instead of the fat cells.

For example, you can do 20 bodyweight squats, 10 pushups and 10 pullups. If you have access to small dumbbells, use them. Another good and portable option is an exercise band.

This is the important step. However, ideally you should repeat the sequence 1-2 hours after the meal, when digestion will be finishing and nutrients will be flowing in the bloodstream.

I can't think of a simpler effective "trick." Just do it!

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