Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exercise at the office

Continuing the article on how to include physical activity in your daily routine, today we will take a look at some more options.

Tim Ferriss in his popular book 4 Hour Body suggests you should do the following three exercises before meals:

These are great suggestions, however I have one more: permanently leave a dumbbell at the office or in your car, and exercise with that. A lot of people are used to training with dumbbells and feel more "comfortable" with them. If you are such a case, then this is the best solution for you.

The only bodyparts you can't train with a light dumbbell are chest and back. For these, I recommend the following exercises:

Naturally, all these exercises are supplementary to your main workouts that you should be doing in a gym. So, follow this advice and watch your body improve day by day!

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