Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lose weight with just one simple change

Sedentary life is one of the most important reasons of obesity. In the past, we have discussed about one simple addition you can make to your lifestyle, in order to cope with this problem.

If you applied it, then you will have already lost weight. If not, today I have one more suggestion for you.

Think about that: most people use their cars to go to work, and then they eat lunch in their work’s restaurant. This condemns them to at least 10 hours of inactivity per day.

So, my suggestion is the following: eat your lunch somewhere out of you workplace every day.

Even if you take your food with you from home, or if you eat at the restaurant, you can just package it and eat it out.

There is a nice little park very near to my work. So I take my food and go there. Usually, the meal consists of a protein source (meat, poultry, fish) along with carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread), plus a salad and fruit. I only eat the meat, the salad and the fruit, and toss everything else on the ground. Other organisms living there need it more than me. After I have finished, I collect my own garbage, plus other nearby litter. This is extra movement and is good for the environment too. All in all, I am back to work after 30 minutes.

If you don’t have access to a park, there is no need to worry. The point is to walk 10 minutes before lunch and 10 minutes after it.

Do it every day, and watch your body change!

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