Monday, February 21, 2011

Great nutrition in 9 steps

1. Three meals
Eat 3 meals per day with protein, vegetables, and some fruit.

2. Don’t eat late
You will improve your sleep and you will be starving by morning, which is the best way to ensure you will have breakfast.

3. You are what you eat
Choose whole, live, raw, local and organic over mass-produced, foreign, packaged and processed. Invest in your food. The closer the food is to being alive, the greater the nutritive value.

4. No sugar
No white carbs of any kind. Replace them with natural nutrient-dense foods, like fruit and honey.

5. Eat after training
Or even better, sip some milk during training. It takes time to absorb the nutrients. How you feel right now is related to what you ate 12-48 hours ago.

6. Hunger
When is the last time you really felt that? Most people have conditioned themselves to eat at certain times, rather than when they actually are hungry. Experiment with intermittent fasting.

7. Wait 15 minutes after your meal to have any drink
Most of the bloated feeling comes from the drinking. Avoid meals that are too spicy.

8. Know when to stop
We have associated the feeling of fullness to be meal success. It’s not.

9. Take a short walk after your meal
You will help digestion and burn some calories, too!

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