Friday, September 10, 2010

Hunt your food

Many thousand years ago, prehistoric humans were forced to hunt (or gather) their food. It is also widely accepted that these humans were – for as long as they managed to survive – healthier and stronger than we are. These facts alone are enough to teach us some basic knowledge:

1. We must only eat natural foods (meat, vegetables, fruit)
2. We are designed to last for many days without food (because the hunt wasn’t always successful)
3. We must train on an empty stomach, and then reward ourselves and our bodies with healthy food (that’s exactly what a hungry hunter/gatherer would do)

Of course, I know full well that we are not living in caves anymore. So below you will find my suggestions for modern hunting:

1. Hunt for the QUALITY of your food
We are all used to taking food abundance for granted. However, quality is inversely proportional to quantity. If you want healthy food, then you will be forced to – almost literally – hunt for it. Good meat from healthy, naturally-fed animals. Organic dairy, not pasteurized and not homogenized. Organic fruit and vegetables, without pesticides and hormones. All of these are hard to find and expensive, and that’s why you have to hunt them.

2. Hunt literally
Hunting is a natural activity for all creatures – including man. I am obviously against hunting as a hobby or illegal hunting. However, I completely agree with someone who goes out to the nature and kills a healthy animal in order to eat it, and it’s something I plan on doing sometime. Guns, dogs etc make the process much easier, and the benefits of roaming in the outdoors are an added bonus.

3. Earn the right to eat
Before every meal, devote some time to physical activity. This can be in the gym, or you can just go for a short walk. What you are trying to do is give your body the illusion that it is hunting for its food. Psychologically, you can see it like this: only if you spend some energy you will earn the right to replenish it. After all, it’s quite logical. If you aren’t producing some kind of work, there is no reason to consume fuel (food).

Good luck!