Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I decided to start this blog in order to help people lose weight, build muscle, and generally change their body composition and improve their health.

My first encounter with the world of fitness was in 1996, through the magazines of Joe Weider (FLEX and Muscle&Fitness). Shortly afterwards, I bought some weights to train at home. However, I didn’t enjoy good progress, until 2003 when I joined a gym. Since then I exercise regularly, doing mostly weight training, cardiovascular training and martial arts. I also read everything I can get my hands on about nutrition. My main job is computers, but in my spare time I write for the Greek edition of Muscular Development.

My goal is to talk about one subject each day, either about training or about nutrition. Some times, I will just give readers a simple tip – always useful though!

I have much to tell you. Let’s get started!

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