Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sedentary life

I don’t think anyone will disagree on this: being sedentary is bad for you. Nature didn’t intend for humans to sit at a desk for eight hours straight, and then on a couch or a car seat for another eight.

The bad results of sedentary life are obvious in many aspects: posture, back pains and aches, broken feet vessels… and of course muscle atrophy and obesity.

I have heard of some guys who decided to act drastically. One of them did the following experiment: he didn’t sit anywhere for a full day. When he needed rest, he assumed the full squat position. Naturally, he is not working.

Some others quit their sedentary jobs (not in Greece of course).

I am not suggesting you take such extreme measures. We have all heard much simpler advice: don’t take your car, intentionally park it away from your job/house, get up regularly from your office chair, don’t take the elevator, hide the remote control etc. All sound advice, but few actually do it.

What I am suggesting is much more practical: while at your job, get up every hour on the hour (i.e. 10, 11, 12 etc) and climb two flights of stairs. Right after that, drink a glass of water (dehydration is another classic problem that we will talk about in another post).

Making this simple effort, and without changing anything else in your training/nutrition, you will burn an additional 100 calories each day, which means a pound in a month. You will feel better too.

Do it!

Another option is this:

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